RHEA Galenicals

RHEA Galenicals For Bathing

  • RHEA Agua Colonia
    • For a refreshing and soothing after bath.
    • Can also be used as after shave
  • RHEA Vinagre Aromatico
    • Medicated skin tonic for bathing
RHEA Galenicals For Muscle Pains

  • RHEA Tincture Arnica
    • Locally applied as counter irritant for sprains, muscle and joint paints
  • RHEA Aceite Alcanforado
    • Applied locally as counter irritant for sprains,muscle and joint pains.
RHEA Galenicals For Skin Disease

  • RHEA Ap – Ap Solution
    • For the treatment of fungus infections, warts, corns, dandruff, pimples, an-an, psoriasis, etc.
  • RHEA Salicylic Acid
    • Locally applied to remove warts and corns
    • For the local treatment of fungus (tinea) infections
RHEA Galenicals For the treatment and cleansing of wounds

  • RHEA Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vol.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vol. can also be used as bleaching agent
  • RHEA Hydrogen Peroxide 10 vol.
 Bonil Solution

  • Anti-fungal
  • A liquid solution with dark amber color
RHEA Toothache Drops

  • Local analgesic to relieve toothaches
RHEA Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia

  • Mild circulatory stimulant as in case of fainting
RHEA For Gas Pains

  • RHEA Aceite Manzanilla
    • Locally applied in the abdomen for the relief of gas pains
  • RHEA Essencia Maravillosa
    • For gas pains, indigestions, constipation and colic
    • Orally taken
  • RHEA Balsamo Carminativo
    • Orally taken for gas pains, gaseous indigestion, colic and related gastro intestinal disorders and constipation
RHEA Solution for Inhalation

  • Also known as Steam Inhalant
  • Especially formulated for use in all vaporizers
  • Provides symptomatic relief of colds, coughs and chest congestion