Mestiza The Healthy Skin Soap

Mestiza The Healthy Skin Soap

• Helps in eliminating and preventing pimples, black spots, stains, blisters, acne, skin allergies and freckle
• Manufactured thru cold process to lock the benefits of its five organic and natural ingredients:

– Papaya Extract:  Provides skin whitening and moisturizing treatment
– Carrot Extract: Contains Vit. A which reduces wrinkles and fine lines
– Banana Extract: Smoothens various skin problems
– Calamansi Extract: Contains Vit. C which is valued for its skin toning properties
– Virgin Coconut Oil: Helps fight molds, bacteria and virus on the skin

Mestiza Prime

• With 40% Virgin Coconut Oil. This is 7% more than the Mestiza original.
• Available in for new variants with a distinguished medium noted scent which are:

–  Bountiful Violet
–  Earth Brown
–  Green Serenity
–  Scarlet Rose