Through The Years [1967 - 1977 ]   [1985-1998]
Mercury Drug Corporation established its field sales department to venture into wholesale business operations. Over the years, this field sales department grew to become a separate company and was given the name, PHILUSA DRUG DISTRIBUTORS, INC.
The first branch of Philusa was opened in Cebu City on August 19, 1969.
Davao and Iloilo branches were established on February 16 and November 4, 1972, respectively.
Cagayan de Oro branch was opened on February 18, 1975.
The Luzon branches were opened for business, namely: La Union on February 16, 1976; Naga on March 8, 1976; San Pablo on March 25, 1976; Cauayan on March 25, 1976; and Pampanga on November 6, 1976.
Business re-direction was started in this year giving focus to company-owned branded products, the first of which was the Babyflo feeding bottle. Subsequently, Philusa dropped the product lines from third party pharmaceutical suppliers. There was a change in business name from Philusa Drug Distributors, Inc. to PHILUSA DISTRIBUTORS, INC. With this development, came the creation of two company-owned brands, namely: Mediplast and Cleene, thus, reinforcing the brand management of Philusa.

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