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The editor-author relationship. • Lives and Letters, an interview with Robert Gottlieb. This interview with the legendary editor is ostensibly about custom paper writer but gives helpful insights into the editing process (and the writer-editor relationship) inside a good publishing house.

• Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do, a book that explains the publishing process and the special skills needed for particular areas, such as mass market and romance, edited by Gerald Gross

• Classifying editorial tasks (Jean Weber, Technical Editors' Eyrie). When rules-based and analysis-based edits ovelap, which editorial decisions are negotiable with the writer, and which are not?

• What is substantive editing (Jean Weber, Technical Editors' Eyrie: Resources for technical editors). See also Classifying editorial tasks • Stop Editing Me (Scott Norton on the editor's natural bent) [Back to Top] Back to For Editors and Publishing Professionals.

Whether editors are valued and valuable.

• eLife : Can a Top-Tier Journal Run Without Professional Help? (Phil Davis, Scholarly Kitchen, 12-1-11).

Davis predicts that a scientific journal with no professional editors will soon face the same problems PLos Biology and PLos Medicine did. • Black day for the blue pencil (Blake Morrison, Guardian, 8-5-05, argues that editors are an endangered in British publishing) • Showcasing the Work Editors Do (Bay Area Editors' Forum), links to many useful articles.

• Why you need a professional editor (Dave Bricker, 8-17-12, good advice for writers who are self-publishing) [Back to Top] Back to For Editors and Publishing Professionals.

They correct all the language errors, but not any possible translation errors. The ultimate purpose of both actions is to ensure that the target text reads like an original piece of text and that you cannot perceive that it is a translation. Even if you have a text you have written yourself, for instance written directly into the target language, we can edit and/or proofread that text for you.