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Favourite Bissell Big Green Machine Review

The business produces lots of vacuum cleaner as well as the Bissell Big Green Complete Machine 7700 is 1 model which has attracted the interest of many customers.

This review was compiled as a way to help the general public identify the valuable characteristics of this Bissell Big Green 7700 and any disadvantages that this appliance might have.

The objective is to give customers real facts relating to this house appliance in order that they may make an educated choice about if this vacuum would be the best one for their needs.

The three stage filtration system includes allergens, dust and other pollutants using a triple reach of plain water, a memory foam filter, and also a particular HEPA Media filter. This permits users to clean out the atmosphere and the floor concurrently.

Due to this Microban patented antibacterial system big green machine, the Bissell Big Green system can protect against the development of molds, mold, and bacteria within the vacuum.

High suction using the steam cleaning manner has resulted in quicker drying times for carpeting.

Specialized hard floor application does a fantastic job of cleaning laminates, tilesvinyl and coated hardwood floors.

The Big Green has shown less able to take care of deep vacuum chores compared to a number of the traditional vacuum models available on the market. Complaints contain water leaking in the tank.

Steam cleaning outcomes are described as sufficient to quite good, but also for optimum results this cleaning has to be carried out very gradually. Many clients don't appreciate the amount of time required to steam clean a single area.

Best results for this vacuum/steam cleaner/floor washing apparatus appear to be restricted to small regions, bare flooring, and area rugs.

Customer testimonials are unquestionably mixed when it concerns the Bissell Big Green Machine 7700. The machine has got a complete 3.5 from 5 star rating from customers and most are happy with its functionality.